New Diagnostic Biomarkers for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Emi Yamano 1 , Yosky Kataoka 1,2,3 1Health Metrics Development Team, RIKEN Compass to Healthy Life Research Complex Program 2Cellular Function Imaging Team, Division of Bio-function Dynamics Imaging, RIKEN Center for Life Science Technologies 3Multimodal Microstructure Analysis Unit, RIKEN CLST-JEOL Collaboration Center Keyword: 慢性疲労症候群 , バイオマーカー , 免疫系 , 内分泌系 , メタボローム , chronic fatigue syndrome , biomarker , immune system , endocrine system , metabolome pp.27-34
Published Date 2018/1/1
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1416200946
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Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a persistent and unexplained pathological state characterized by exertional and severely debilitating fatigue, with/without symptoms of infection or neuropsychiatric symptoms, and with a minimum duration of 6 consecutive months. The pathogenesis of CFS is not fully understood. There are no firmly established diagnostic biomarkers or treatment, due to incomplete understanding of the etiology of CFS and diagnostic uncertainty. We performed comprehensive metabolomic analyses of blood samples obtained from patients with CFS and healthy controls to establish an objective diagnosis of CFS. Here, we review previous findings concerning the immune, endocrine, and metabolic system in animal models for CFS and the patients, and present our results which may contribute to the development of a diagnostic biomarker for CFS.

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