Rinsho Hinyokika Volume 50, Issue 3 (March 1996)

RENAL CELL CARCINOMA WITH RENAL CYSTS Takashi Ohigashi 1 , Masaru Murai 1 , Shiro Baba 1 , Hiroshi Tazaki 1 , Nobuhiko Deguchi 2 Keyword: 腎細胞癌 , 腎嚢胞 pp.211-214
Published Date 1996/3/20
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1413901696
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Six cases of renal cell carcinoma with renal cysts out of 263 surgically treated renal cell carcinoma patients were reviewed. Four cases were successfully diagnosed before the operation by the combination of ultrasound, CT scan, angiography and MRI. One case needed biopsy for the final diagnosis. It seemed difficult to point out the malignancy when the carcinoma existed forming a sheet on a cyst wall. All cases had low histological grade and stage without a cancer in follow up periods.

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50巻3号 (1996年3月)
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