PRIMARY CARCINOMA IN SITU OF THE URINARY BLADDER: A PATHOLOGICAL STUDY Masatoshi Tanaka 1 , Hiroshi Fujimoto 1 , Akimi Ogawa 2 , Zenichiro Ishii 3 1Urology, Saku Central Hospital 2Department of Urology, Shinshu University School of Medicine 3Pathology, Saku Central Hospital pp.35-38
Published Date 1987/1/20
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1413204408
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Twelve paticnts diagnosed preoperatively as having in situ of the bladder tumor underwent total cystourethrectomy. The excised specimens were studied pathologically. In three patients ncoplasms was limited to the mucosa, while in nine patients neoplasms had invaded into the submucosal or muscular layer. Carcinoma was simultaneously found in the lower ureter, urethra and prostatic ducts in 50%, 33% and 20% of the patients respectively. Positive cytology of the urine obtained by ureteral catheterization

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