A case of self-castration with gender identify disorder Yuusuke Nagane 1 , Takumi Igarashi 1 , Syuuji Sugimoto 1 , Hitoshi Hirakata 1 , Nozomu Kawata 1 , Yukie Takimoto 2 Keyword: 自己損傷 , 性同一性障害 , 精巣 pp.529-531
Published Date 2003/6/20
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1413100919
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 A 52-year-old man,with a family consisting of his wife and two children,has desired to be a female for the past twelve years. He cut off his own testes from his scrotum with a razor by himself,because of gradually developed repudiation of his male genitals. He was admitted to our hospital with scrotal swelling and severe pain 3 days after the self-mutilation. Removal of hematoma after a debridement,ligatures of cutting edges of the bilateral spermatic cords was perfarmed at the emergency operation. After the operation,he was diagnosed as gender identity disorder by a psychiatrist.

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