Kimura's Disease:Report of 4 Cases with a Review of 130 Reported Cases Yasuhiro Kase 1 1Department of Otolaryngology, Tokyo University Branch Hospital pp.413-418
Published Date 1991/5/20
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1411900291
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Four cases of Kimura's disease were reported, and other 130 reported cases in the literature (1982 ~1990) were reviewed. Comparisons were made between ours and the other reported cases as regard to the sites of occurrence and the methods of treatment. Past reports had similar tendency with ours as to the sites of occurrence. Although it had been reported that Kimura's disease can be best treated with the combined therapy, our report revealed that the combined therapy does not lower the recurrence rate as reported elsewhere. It is important that Kimura's disease should be followed up for a long period of time.

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