Age-related strabismus starting with diplopia on lateral gaze Akihiko Oohira 1 1Wakaba Eye Hospital pp.815-821
Published Date 2020/7/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1410213609
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Abstract Purpose:To report the clinical features of age-related strabismus with the onset of diplopia on lateral gaze.

Case and Method:Subjective and objective angle of strabismus including cyclotorsion were measured in 3 cases with diplopia on right gaze and 3 cases with diplopia on left gaze.

Findings:Patients were from 61 to 74-year-old. Angle of hypertropia on central gaze was small, and 1 to 3 degrees. Increase of hypertropia(4 patients), increase of excyclotorsion(1 patient), increase of esotropia and excyclotorsion(1 patient)seemed to break binocular fusion and cause diplopia. The strabismus progressed in 4 cases.

Conclusion:Some age-related strabismic patients notice diplopia only on lateral gaze, because there is small heterophoria on central gaze and this heterophoria including cyclophoria increases on lateral gaze.

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