Tilt and decentration of the crystalline lens evaluated by anterior segment optical coherence tomography(CASIA2) Tomoko Goto 1 , Xiaodong Zheng 1,2 , Yumi Nakaoka 1 , Atsushi Shiraishi 2 , Maki Motoyama 1 1Hanamizuki Eye Clinic 2Department of Ophthalmology, Ehime University School of Medicine pp.955-961
Published Date 2019/7/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1410213211
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Abstract Purpose:The second-generation anterior segment optical coherence tomography(OCT)CASIA2 is capable of measuring the in vivo crystalline lens. We investigated the tilt and decentration of crystalline lens of patients scheduled for cataract surgery.

Subjects and Methods:Two-hundred thirty eyes of 120 patients(mean age, 73.2±8.4 years)scheduled for cataract surgery in Hanamizuki Eye Clinic were studied. Visual acuity, intraocular pressure, equivalent spherical, ocular length(OA-2000, Tomey)were examined before and 1 month after surgery. CASIA2(Tomey)was used to measure the anterior chamber depth(ACD), anterior chamber width, lens thickness, lens tilt and decentration. Factors related to lens tilt and decentration were analyzed using multivariate analyses(JMP ver. 14).

Results:One-hundred and two eyes of 54 males and 118 eyes of 66 females were studied. The ocular length was significantly longer for males than females(p=0.015). The average tilt of lens was 4.6±1.5 degrees with an azimuth of 231.1±98.7 degrees. Lens tilt was significantly and positively correlated with age(Spearman correlation coefficient r=0.211, p=0.034), and was negatively correlated with ocular length(r=−0.3475, p=0.004). The average decentration of lens was 0.15±0.08 mm with an azimuth of 188.9±100.4 degrees. Lens decentration was significantly and positively correlated with age(r=0.2401, p=0.016)and was negatively correlated with the ACD(r=−0.222, p=0.025). The lens tilt was correlated with decentration(r=0.451, p<0.001).

Conclusion:CASIA2 can measure the position of crystalline lens of cataract patients. The lens tilt and decentration increased with age and may be affected by the ocular length and ACD.

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