Spontaneous reattachment of the retina late after unsuccessful detachment surgery Yoshihito Honda 1 1Dep. of Ophthalmol., Fac. of Med., Kyoto Univ. pp.63-69
Published Date 1985/1/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1410209315
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Two cases of retinal detachment are described which underwent spontaneous reattachment more than one year after unsuccessful detachmentsurgery. One was a case with detachment due to macular hole and high myopia and the other to horseshoe tear in aphakia. After an initially succes-sful closure of retinal breaks, retinal detachment recurred due to postoperative proliferative vitreore-tinopathy. Spontaneous reattachment of the retina occurred 14 months after surgery in both cases. The reattachment was apparently due to anterior displacement of the vitreous with release of vitreo-retinal traction.

These cases illustrate that later spontaneous reattachment of the retina is a possibility after an initial surgical failure provided that the retinal breaks have been closed.

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