Exoplantation of opacified hydrogel intraocular lenses years after insertion Hiroshi Miyakubo 1 , Sumiko Miyakubo 1 1Miyakubo Eye Clin pp.1291-1298
Published Date 2009/8/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1410102826
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Abstract. Purpose:To report the long-term findings of hydrogel intraocular lens(IOL)after insertion and the technique of extraction of calcified IOL. Case and Method:H60M,a hydrogel IOL,was inserted in 451 eyes during 2000 AD. Four years later,315 eyes were examined as to the presence of calcification. Results:Calcification of IOL was present in 236 eyes(52.3%). The incidence increased along with the duration of intraocular presence of IOL. Opacified IOL had to be removed in 78 eyes(17.3%). Lens zonule disrupted as a major complication during removal. Incidence of this complication decreased after placing multiple incisions in the anterior capsule and not rotating the IOL optics. IOL was fixated extracapsularly in 31 out of 38 eyes(81%)with previous posterior capsulotomy and in 16 out of 40 eyes(41%)without. Conclusion:Calcification of hydrogel IOL occurred,and is still occurring,at a high incidence.

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