Brain and Nerve No to Shinkei Volume 48, Issue 4 (April 1996)

MR Diffusion-weighted Imaging of Cerebral Infarction Haruo Hanyu 1 , Hiroaki Shindou 2 , Shuji Sugiki 2 , Dai Kakizaki 2 , Kimihiko Abe 2 , Toshihiko Iwamoto 1 , Masaru Takasaki 1 , Akira Kasai 3 1Departments of Geriatric Medicine, Tokyo Medical College 2Departments of Radiology, Tokyo Medical College 3Department of Medical Applications, Shimadzu Corporation Keyword: cerebral infarction , MRI , diffusion weighted imaging pp.345-349
Published Date 1996/4/1
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MR diffusion-weighted imaging was performed to investigate changes in water diffusion in patients with cerebral infarction, and diffusion-weighted images (DWI) were compared with T2-weighted images (T2WI). Acute and subacute infarcts were seen as areas of high intensity on DWI and showed lower apparent diffusion coefficients (ADCs), while chronic infarcts showed a relative increase in ADCs. The relative ADC increased progressively over time, becoming renormalized at 3 to 4 weeks, and was elevated in the chronic state. On DWI.

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Brain and Nerve 脳と神経
48巻4号 (1996年4月)
電子版ISSN 2185-405X 印刷版ISSN 0006-8969 医学書院