Thallium-201 myocardial imaging in children with heart disease;Quantitative assessment of right ventricular pressure Toshihiro Mitomori 1 , Yasuo Ono 1 , Tetsuro Kamiya 1 , Tsunehiko Nishimura 2 , Takahiro Kozuka 2 , Tohru Kohata 3 , Takeshi Tanimoto 4 1Department of Pediatrics, National Cardiovascular Center 2Department of Radiology, National Cardiovascuuar Center 3Department of Pediatrics, Kurashiki Central Hospital 4Department of Pediatrics, Ohtake National Hospital pp.191-197
Published Date 1985/2/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1404204600
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201Tl Cl myocardial imaging studies were performed to evaluate systolic pressure of rightventricle on 107 patients including 89 patients with congenital cardiac disease, patients with primary pulmonary hypertension and 13 patients with history of MCLS with the age range of 2 months to 17 years. The congenital cardiac disease group included 30 patients with tetralogy of Fa/lot, 8 patients with pulmonary stenosis (included 1 patient with double chambered right ventricle), 20 patients with ventricular septal defect, 10 patients with patent ductus arteriosus, 9 patients with atrial septa] defect and 12 patients with complete transposition of greate arteries. None of the patients with history of MCLS had coronary involvement.

50 μCi/kg of 201-TlCl was infused intravenously and after 15 minutes the images were obtained from 5 directions (anterior, LAO 30, LAO 45, LAO 60 and lateral). The angle was determined to demonstrate the intraventricular septum and ven-tricular free walls cleary separated.

The image of end-diastolic phase was obtained with ECG syncronized gated method from that direction. The ROI (region of interest) was defined as a slice line by drawing two lines perpendicular to the septum and the counts of the left and right ventricular free wall (Cl and Cr) were analized to evaluate the pressure of right ventricle.

The pressure of ventricles were obtained by cardiac catheterization performed at the same time with myocardial imaging.

The ratio of CI and Cr (Cr/Cl) had good correla-tion with the ratio of peak systolic pressure of left ventricle and right ventricle (regression equation Y=0.84X+0.08, r=0.87). In each congenital heart disease group, very good corelation was also demonstrated (Y=1.46X-0.30, r=0.96 in PS ; Y=0.70X0.20, r=0.91 in VSD ; Y=0.86X+0.15, r=0.78 in ASD and Y=0.72X+0.24, r=0.80 in PDA).

Thus 201-TlCl myocardial imaging was useful method to evaluate right ventricular pressure noninvasively in congenital cardiac disease.

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