Left- and Right- Ventricular Pressure-Volume Relationships Analyzed by Simultaneously Recorded High-Fidelity Pressure Measuring and Biplane Cine-Angiocardiography in Pediatric Cases of Various Heart Diseases (1) Kunizo Baba 1 , Takashi Fukaya 1 , Yasuhiko Tomita 1 , Toyo Shomura 2 , Masayuki Yoshizumi 2 1Pediatric Cardiology, Kobe Municipal Central Hospital 2Cardiovascular Surgery, Kobe Municipal Central Hospital pp.1119-1125
Published Date 1977/12/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1404203139
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1) Left and right ventricular pressure-volume relationships are analyzed in fifteen pediatric cases of various heart diseases.

2) High-fidelity pressure measuring of both ventricles with Millar's catheter-tip micromanometer and HP recorders, and selective biplane cineangio-cardiography taking 100 frames per second are simultaneously performed. A modified Chapman's method is introduced into the computation of both ventricular volumes with HP-5960 B Angioanalyzer.

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