Left Ventricular Pressure Function Curve in Dogs by Gradual Aortic Narrowing Method Kozo Suma 1 , Noburu Hanabusa 1 , Gyo Taniguchi 1 , Akiko Okuyama 1 , Tatsuhiko Kudo 1 , Nagayasu Ogasawara 1 , Hiroshi Sakakibara 1 1Department of Surgery, Sakakibara Juzen Hospital, Okayama pp.163-167
Published Date 1973/2/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1404202466
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Studies on left ventricular pressure function curves (enddiastolic-peak systolic pressures rela-tion) were carried out in eleven mongrel dogs by means of gradual aortic narrowing method. The curves shifted to the above left in the order of isoproterenol group (group A. Isoproterenol was infused at the rate of 0.1γ/minkg.), control group (group B), and coronary occlusion group (group C.Anterior descending artery was occlu-ded temporarily)(p<0.01).

Average values of peak ventricular pressures (PVP) before aortic occlusion were 120 mmHg in group A,116 mmHg in group B, and 109 mmHg in group C.

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