Histological Evaluation of the Depth of Submucosal Invasion of pT1 Colorectal Carcinoma Yoichi Ajioka 1 1Division of Molecular and Diagnostic Pathology, Niigata University, Graduate school of Medical and Dental Sciences, Niigata, Japan Keyword: 大腸pT1癌 , SM浸潤度判定 , 粘膜筋板 , デスミン染色 , α-SMA染色 pp.1069-1075
Published Date 2021/7/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403202508
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 The essentials of the evaluation of the depth of SM(submucosal)invasion of pT1 colorectal carcinoma is the discrimination of whether or not the location of the muscularis mucosae is possible to identify or estimate. When desmoplastic reaction by α-smooth muscle actin staining is detected around the muscularis mucosae, it should be judged as that the location of muscularis mucosae is uncertain, and the depth of SM invasion should be measured from the surface of the lesion. This method ensures reproducibility in measuring the depth of SM invasion and avoids underestimation. However, this method of measuring SM invasion depth is considered inappropriate in pedunculated lesions. While the dichotomy of “head invasion” versus “stalk invasion” is becoming more accepted, there is a need for clear definition of the boundary between the “head” and “stalk”.

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