Artificial Intelligence-assisted Diagnostic Systems for Gastrointestinal Diseases Yamato Kanda 1 , Katsuyoshi Taniguchi 1 , Makoto Kitamura 1 , Hirokazu Godo 1 , Miho Katayama 2 1Olympus Medical Systems Corporation Advanced Imaging System Technology, Tokyo 2Olympus Medical Systems Corporation Medical Imaging System Product, Tokyo Keyword: 早期診断 , AI , 内視鏡CAD , システム連携 , プラットフォーム pp.481-484
Published Date 2021/4/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403202304
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 As society ages, pressing issues worldwide include the increased number of cancer cases and cancer-related deaths, rising medical costs, and chronic shortages of healthcare providers. To solve these issues, Olympus has provided customer value through its development of medical devices such as endoscopes that contribute to early diagnosis and minimally-invasive treatment. Recently, Olympus has been developing endoscopic systems for the application of AI(artificial intelligence)technology. CAD(Computer-aided detection/diagnosis)is an example of an application of AI technology. Three challenges of CAD for endoscopy have been our focus:(1)a single-monitor display of CAD results prevents a feeling of discomfort during endoscopy ; (2)stable high-level performance under various conditions during endoscopy ; and(3)seamless communication between the endoscopic system and the CAD device ensures excellent usability. Olympus has successfully developed a CAD for colonoscopy to address all these challenges. Aiming for the continued expansion of AI technology, Olympus is conducting both in-house and joint development of CAD for other organs with institutions and companies specialized in AI technology. These partnerships will result in the development of the Olympus platform for multiple CAD software.

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