Clinicopathological Features and Genetic Background of Serrated Lesions from Localization Yoshihito Tanaka 1 , Hiro-o Yamano 1 , Hiro-o Matsushita 1 , Kenjiro Yoshikawa 1 , Eiji Harada 1 , Michiko Nakaoka 1 , Yuko Yoshida 1 , Kentaro Sato 1 , Yasushi Imai 1 , Tamotsu Sugai 2 , Eiichiro Yamamoto 3 , Hironori Aoki 3 , Hiromu Suzuki 3 1Department of Digestive Disease Canter, Akita Red Cross Hospital, Akita, Japan 2Department of Molecular Diagnostic Pathology, Iwate Medical University, School of Medicine, Morioka, Japan 3Department of Molecular Biology, Sapporo Medical University, Sapporo, Japan Keyword: SSA/P , TSA , translational research , 拡大内視鏡 , CIMP , 遺伝子変異 pp.1697-1707
Published Date 2015/12/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403200494
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 We pathologically and genetically examined serrated lesions(221 lesions)based on the findings obtained using magnifying endoscopy according to their localization(i.e., either at the left or right side of the colon). Data indicated that 85.9% of lesions located at the right side of the colon exhibited BRAF mutation and 66.7% were CIMP positive in SSA/P. In contrast, 50.0% of lesions located at the left side of the colon exhibited BRAF mutation, 33.3% exhibited K-ras mutation, and 16.7% were CIMP positive in SSA/P.

 A mutation in the gene did not have the characteristic and 60.0% of all lesions are CIMP positive in TSA of right side colon.

 In contrast, 61.8% lesions located at the left side of the colon exhibited BRAF mutation and 20.6% were CIMP positive in TSA.

 Therefore, the molecular mechanism underlying the formation of serrated lesions differed according to their localization.

 However, most lesions examined in this study exhibited BRAF mutation and were CIMP positive in either SSA/P with cytological dysplasia or cancer in SSA/P, regardless of their localization. Such genetic changes were reflected in the endoscopy findings.

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