Stomach and Intestine(Tokyo) Volume 47, Issue 13 (December 2012)

Endoscopic Feature of “Serrated Lesions” in Right Side Colon Hiro-o Yamano 1 , Tomoaki Kimura 1 , Kenjiro Yoshikawa 1 , Ryo Takagi 1 , Michiko Nakaoka 1 , Masayuki Miyajima 1 , Yoshihito Tanaka 1 , Kentaro Sato 1 , Yasushi Imai 1 , Tamotsu Sugai 2 , Eiichiro Yamamoto 3 , Taku Harada 3 , Hiromu Suzuki 3 1Department of Gastroenterology, Akita Red Cross Hospital, Akita, Japan 2Department of Diagnostic Pathology, Iwate Medical University School of Medicine, Morioka, Japan 3Department of Molecular Biology, Sapporo Medical University, School of Medicine, Sapporo, Japan Keyword: 大腸鋸歯状病変 , SSA/P , TSA , 拡大内視鏡診断 , translational research pp.1955-1964
Published Date 2012/12/25
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 Recently so called“serrated lesions”have been reported to be the precursor lesion of colorectal carcinoma with MSI high. On the other hand there are some clinical and pathological problems in them. We have studied their endoscopic characters through the translational research that we cooperated with histological and genetic analysis based on endoscopic observation using high resolution magnifying colonoscopy. In the result, we have understood to be able diagnose as SSA/P(sessile serrated adenoma/polyp)on same pathological and genetic lesion, which indicated both flat shaped and type II-open shaped(type II-O)pit pattern. And serrated lesions changed histological and form by another pit patterns other than type II-O being added. We summarized those SSA/Ps, which had malignant potential indicated upheaval tendencies and another pit patterns other than type II-O pit pattern. Moreover, we found out some subjects about TSA and intermediate lesions, and concluded that accumulation and translational research of the further cases were required.

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