Diagnostic Progress in Early Colorectal Cancer in the Last 50 years Masahiro Tada 1 1Tada Gastroenterological Clinic, Kyoto, Japan Keyword: 早期大腸癌 , 注腸X線造影検査 , 拡大内視鏡検査 , 超音波内視鏡検査 , pit pattern診断 , 大腸癌肉眼型分類 pp.40-51
Published Date 2015/1/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403200130
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 The incidence of colorectal cancer has been increasing in the Japanese population. During the last 50 years, the development of X-ray and endoscopic techniques has made the differential diagnosis of adenoma and early cancer easier. In addition, the diagnostic accuracy for the depth of carcinoma invasion has been clearly demonstrated. Moreover, using the technique of endoscopic polypectomy and mucosal resection, early colorectal cancers (sm1, well and/or moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma) have been removed endoscopically without surgical resection.

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