Ileal Lipoma with Recurrent Duodenal Ulcer, Report of a Case Tomoki Taguchi 1,2 , Hiroshi Yagi 1 , Kei Nakamura 1 1Fukuoka Yagi Kouseikai Hospiral 2Department of Pediatric Surder and Department of Pathology, Facully of Medicine, Kyushu University pp.177-180
Published Date 1986/2/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403110101
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 A man aged 41was admitted to our hospital with a major complaint of epigastralgia. He had duodenal ulcer for four years for which he was hospitalized three times. Although the duodenal ulcer healed by conservative treatment only, abdominal nonspecific symptoms persisted. An irrigography showed a filling defect of the contrast medium at the terminal ileum. Small intestinal radiography revealed an oval tumor with a smooth contour. Under the diagnosis of a lipoma or benign polyp of the terminal ileum and a recurrent duodenal ulcer, an ileocecal resection and a partial gastrectomy were performed. The resected specimen showed a polypoid tumor,15×10×10mm in size,3cm oral to the ileocecal valve. Incidentally a diverticulum of the cecum was found. Histological examination showed that the tumor was composed of mature adipose tissue in the submucosa. A definite diagnosis as a benign lipoma of the terminal ileum was made.

 This lipoma was found during treatment of a primary gastrointestinal disease, and the distance between the lipoma and the lesion of the primary disease was more distant in this case than in the prevlously reported six cases that we are aware of in Japan.

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