Stomach and Intestine(Tokyo) Volume 14, Issue 6 (June 1979)

A Case Report of Nonspecific (Simple) Solitary Ulcer of the Terminal Ileum H. Tomoda 1 , M. Furusawa 1 , I. Hayashi 2 , T. Nobe 3 , T. Nishiyama 4 1Department of Surgery, National Kyushu Cancer Center 2Department of Pathology, National Kyushu Cancer Center 3Department of Radiology, National Kyushu Cancer Center 4Department of Internal Medicine, National Kyushu Cancer Center pp.779-782
Published Date 1979/6/25
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 A 34-year-old man was admitted with a complaint of right lower quadrant pain. On physical examination, he was noted to have tenderness in the ileocecal region. Barium enema and small bowel follow-through studies showed a solitary ulcer in the terminal ileum. The resected specimen demonstrated a solitary oval shaped ulcer on the antimesenteric border of the terminal ileum. Microscopic finding showed an open ulcer (Ul-Ⅳ), which was composed of cellular exudates, fibrosis and nonspecific inflammatory cell infiltration accompanied by lymphoid hyperplasia.

 No granuloma was present. General macroscopic and microscopic appearances were inconsistent with those of Crohn's disease, tuberculosis or nonspecific multiple ulcers of the small intestine. This case, therefore was diagnosed as nonspecific (simple) solitary ulcer of the terminal ileum.

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