Observations on the Magnified Gastric Mucosa: With special reference to angiographic features of cancer lesion M. Ohishi 1 , T. Suzaki 1 , T. Miyake 1 1Department of Gastroenterology, Tenri Hospital pp.657-662
Published Date 1978/5/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403107315
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 The authors attempted to observe the fine structure and microangiographic features of the gastric mucosa by a dissecting microscope as the basic study in order to make diagnosis. The magnification endoscopy (magnifiable HF Type) which we developed was clinically applied. Observations on the fine structure and angiography of the mucosa were disclosed to be very useful in order to make correct diagnosis.

 The results appear to reveal that the microangiographic examination of the superficial mucosa made possible the differentiation between malignancy and benignity, and even an estimation of histological type of cancer.

 The basic structure in the normal mucosa is seen at the gastric glandular openning and its surroundings. The openning are round in the fundic region and longitudinal or slit-like in the pyloric region. Microangiographic features are reticular and round in the former and elongated, reticular but partly interrupted in the latter.

 The surface structure of cancer lesion and angiographic features are generally characterized by an irregularity in their shape, distribution and arrangement.

 As characteristic features in individual histological type of cancer, a reticular pattern in angiograpy is often seen in well differentiated cancer of depressed type. In well-differentiated cancer of protruded type, the parallel running blood vessels are arranged in waves. In cases of papillary adenocarcinoma showing a large solid protrusion, a racemose pattern is observed in the lateral view of the blood vessels. In anaplastic cancer, the vessels are characterized by an irregular, uneven arborizing or short linear pattern.

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