Magnifying Endoscopic Observation of Gastric Ulcer Masahito Oida 1 , Shizuka Nagaba 2 , Kazushi Tanigawa 2 1Health Care Center, Sagamino Social Insurance Hospital 2Department of Internal Medicine, Sagamino Social Insurance Hospital Keyword: 胃潰瘍 , 拡大観察 , 再生粘膜模様 pp.1674-1678
Published Date 2003/11/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403100727
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 We described regenerative epithelium during the healing process of chronic gastric ulcer. In the A2 stage, flattened mucosal pattern could be observed intially at the margin of the ulcer. As the regenerative changes advanced, the epithelium developed a palisade-like, spindle-like and nodule-like appearance. In nodule-like epithelia, histological findings showed mature regeration with pseudo pyloric glands. After that, nodule-like epithelium developed a normal mucosal pattern.

 Magnifying endoscopic findings made it possible to evaluate the intractability of healing and to predict relapse of the ulcer.

 In conclusion, magnifying endoscopy enables us to easily estimate ulcer healing and relapse.

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