Postoperative Course in Crohn's Disease:In regard to recurrence S. Arima 1 1The first Department of Surgery, School of Medicine, Fukuoka Univesity pp.277-285
Published Date 1984/3/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403106976
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 Thirty five operated patients with Crohn's disease were studied and the following results were obtained.

 1) Twenty nine patients were males and six were females (sex ratio 5 : 1), and mean age at surgery was 23.9 years old.

 2) The anatomical distribution was small intestine type in 16 patients, small and large intestine in 14 and large intestine in four.

 3) Indication for operation were intestinal obstruction in 14, fistula formation in 12 patients (ileovesicular fistula in four).

 4) Twenty three patients (65.7%) were required the excision with ileocaecal region. Ileo-proctostomy was performed in three patients at the first operation and further operations in three cases.

 5) Thirteen patients (37.1%) with recurrent disease in 35 cases were treated at a second resection.

 6) Roentgenographic follow-up study was completely performed in 23 patients and its roentgenographic recurrence rate resulted in 61%, and its follow-up period was mean 56.8 months in recurrence cases.

 7) In eight of 17 patients, no residual lesions were confirmed by the intraoperative fiberscopy but its roentgenographic recurrence rate was 62.5% and mean follow-up period 35.3 months. Consequently, the endoscopic radical resection is not recommended.

 8) Quality of life after surgery was in good general health about over 90% of all patients.

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