Gastric Carcinoma of Differentiated-type Arising from the Fundic Gland Mucosa, Report of a Case Goro Yamaki 1 1Tokyo Metropolitan Cancer Detection Center Keyword: 胃底腺粘膜 , 分化型腺癌 pp.1049-1052
Published Date 1994/9/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403105913
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 A 45-year-old woman who had an abnormality pointed out by gastric mass survey in May 1985, came to our center. Gastrofiberscopy led to the diagnosis of submucosal tumor in the greater curvature of the middle corpus. Follow-up study was done in July, 1987. The size of the tumor had enlarged and the ulceration appeared at its surface. So, malignant tumor was highly suspected and biopsy was carried out at that time. That specimen showed tubular adenocarcinoma. Gastrectomy was carried out. By the histopathological study, the carcinoma was shown to be a differentiated-type of early carcinoma arising from the fundic gland mucosa. Its invation was limited to the mucosa.

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