Ulcerative Colitis Complicated by Invasive Colorectal Cancer and Multiple Areas of Dysplasia, Report of a Case Yukihiko Jo 1 1Department of Endoscopic Diagnostics and Therapeutics, Kyushu University Hospital Keyword: 潰瘍性大腸炎 , 早期大腸癌 , dysplasia , 注腸X線検査 , 大腸内視鏡検査 pp.991-998
Published Date 2002/6/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403104497
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 A 34-year-old man with a 14-year history of ulcerative colitis was admitted in 1999, because colonoscopy revealed cancers in the sigmoid colon. Colonoscopies performed two and four years previously had not detected any dysplasia. Detailed colonoscopy and barium enema examination revealed a broad-based protrusion and a sessile polypoid lesion in the sigmoid colon, both of which were diagnosed as high-grade dysplasia. In addition, there were areas of granular mucosa where dysplasia was detected. Macroscopic examination of the resected colorectum revealed a nodular lesion and a polypoid lesion in the sigmoid colon. Histologically, the former lesion was composed of well to poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma invading the deep layer of the submucosa, and the latter lesion was high-grade dysplasia. There were also areas of low and high-grade dysplasia in the rectosigmoid colon. A comparison of histologic and colonoscopic or radiographic findings suggested that the dysplasia was depicted as granular areas. The invasive cancer in our case seems to have developed during a period of two years.

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