Lymphocytic Gastritis, Report of a Case Kin-ichi Yokota 1 , Tomoaki Ohta 1 , Syuji Okuyama 1 , Masamitsu Yuki 1 , Yusuke Saito 1 1The Third Department of Internal Medicine, Asahikawa Medical College Keyword: リンパ球性胃炎 , びまん性痘瘡様胃炎 , 上皮内Tリンパ球 pp.243-248
Published Date 1996/2/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403103953
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 A 34-year-old man, complaining of weight loss (8 kg) due to anorexia and epigastralgia, took an endoscopic examination at Obihiro City Hospital. Gastric lymphoma was suspected on the endoscopic findings, which consisted of multiple nodules in various sizes throughout the stomach and slightly enlarged folds in the gastric body. Since a definite diagnosis could not be obtained with endoscopic biopsies, he was referred to our hospital for further examination. Using endoscopy, we also suspected gastric lymphoma or gastric lesions of multiple lymphomatous polyposis. The pathology report from endoscopic biopsy in our department described non-specific inflammation. Helicobacter pylori's infection was not detected on biopsies. Detection of B-cell monoclonality by the polymerase chain reaction showed smear products with two different variable region-primers (Fr 3A and Fr 2A), i.e., a reactive lesion. Endoscopic mucosal resection of a nodule disclosed foveolar hyperplasia, cystic dilatation of glands, and prominent infiltration of lymphocytes into the foveolar epithelium. These intraepithelial lymphocytes and most stromal lymphocytes showed MT1 positive and L 26 negative, namely T-cells. The histologic findings coincided well with the lymphocytic gastritis reported by Haot, et al, together with macroscopic appearance of diffuse varioliform gastritis. Lymphocytic gastritis has attracted considerable attention as a unique gastritis since it appeared in English literature in 1988. It seemed, however, to be a rare condition in Japan because we could not find any case report of Lymphocytic gastritis in Japanese literature.

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