Colorectal Serrated Adenomas: Endoscopic Findings Koichi Koizumi 1 , Mikio Yamanishi 1 , Akira Kazami 1 1Department of Internal Medicine, Cancer Institute Hosbital Keyword: serrated adenoma , 大腸ポリープ , 診断 pp.873-878
Published Date 1998/5/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403103728
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 Serrated adenoma is a distinct form of adenoma. It is characterized by a serrated epithelium resembling a metaplastic polyp. The present study shows the endoscopic findings in 64 colorectal serrated adenomas detected in 63 patients. 41 adenomas (64.1%) were located in the sigmoid colon and rectum. Twenty-one adenomas (32.8%) were in the right side colon. Sixteen of the serrated adenomas were pedunculated, 22 were subpedunculated, 16 were sessile, six were flat. The mean size of the adenomas was 9.2 mm (range 4~32 mm). Thirty-five adenomas (54.7%) were between 5 to 9 mm in diameter. Eight in 15 adenomas larger than 15 mm were the pedunculated polyp type. The adenomas tend to be reddish in color and to have a nodular surface, and especially to be larger in size.

 Eight adenomas (12.5%) had the component of intra-mucosal carcinoma. The mean size of the lesions was 13.9 mm (range 6~24 mm). There are serrated adenomas with both a metaplastic element and a carcinoma element. It suggest a metaplastic-adenoma-carcinoma sequence. Serrated adenoma should be removed endoscopically in the same manner as tubular adenomas.

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