Does “Esophageal Dysplasia” Really Exist?:Reconsideration Based on Follow-up Data Mamoru Nishizawa 1 1Tokyo Metropolitan Cancer Detection Center Keyword: 食道dysplasia , 炎症性atypia , 腫瘍性atypia , atypiaの経過観察 pp.185-196
Published Date 1991/2/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403102460
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 Regarding the diagnosis of esophageal dysplasia, analysis of biopsy specimen and endoscopic findings yielded the following results.

 1. Cases of mucosal cancer had been not infrequently diagnosed by biopsy as atypia (mild, moderate, severe) or esophagitis.However, when reviewed postoperatively, all but one (moderate atypic) biopsy diagnosis were re-diagnosed as severe atypia or cancer.

 2. Biopsy diagnoses of “atypia” were divided into the two categories, i.e., inflammatory and neoplastic. While the former arose from esophagitis, the latter had already resulted in cancer by the time of final analysis.

 3. Twenty-six cases were diagnosed as having atypia by biopsy at least once in the course. The final diagnoses, taking into consideration of variable endoscopic findings (including Lugol dye spraying method) and disease course, were as follows; cancer: 13 cases, esophagitis: 11, cancer suspected: 1, undetermined at 57 th month: 1.

 Based on these results, esophageal dysplasia cannot be regarded as a clinical entity.

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