Differential Diagnosis between m and sm Cancer of the Esophagus by Radiological Examination Tozo Hosoi 1 1Tokyo Metropolitan Cancer Detection Center Keyword: 早期食道癌 , 食道ep癌 , 食道mm癌 , 食道sm癌 , X線学的深達度診断 pp.1039-1050
Published Date 1990/9/25
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.1403111403
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 (1) Roentgen signs useful in differentiating m from sm cancer of the esophagus include the degree of elevation for an elevated lesion, and marginal filling defect, double delineation sign, marginal elevation as well as the size of the lesion for a depressed or flat lesion.

 (2) Differentiation between ep and mm cancer is almost impossible with en-face view. Profile view, however, gives a clue to differentiating these two con-ditions, especially when the esophageal wall is well distended.

 (3) Diagnostic criteria for ep cancer should be defined based on clinically confirmed evidences.

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