Advantage of low dose salmeterol fluticasone combination in the treatment of persistent cough as a initial complaint of bronchial asthma or cough variant asthma. Hirotaka Yasuba 1 Keyword: 慢性咳嗽 , 遷延性咳嗽 , 気管支喘息 , 咳喘息 , 刷り込み現象 , salmeterol fluticasone合剤   chronic cough , persistent cough , bronchial asthma , cough variant asthma , imprinting , salmeterol fluticasone combination は じ め に pp.1488-1495
Published Date 2013/9/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.20837/3201310102
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 We investigated the effect of SFC(salmeterol fluticasone combination)on persistent cough as initial chief complaints of 60 patients with bronchial asthma or cough variant asthma compared with other controllers(pranlukast, pranlukast with tulobuterol patch, mometasone furoate and formoterol budesonide combination). Low dose SFC improved most quickly both cough at night and all day cough among these controllers. LABA was important for improving cough at night. SFC was more suitable than pranlukast for diagnostic treatment of asthma. We concluded that SFC is most useful for early diagnosis and early intervention of bronchial asthma. Initial ‘imprinting’ by prescribing SFC is important for patients with onset of asthma.


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