Prescriptions for the treatment of chronic persistent cough by general practitioners in Tokyo Metropolitan area Saori Kirishi 1 , Kaori Hara 2 , Ayako Kubo 2 , Rie Mizobuchi 2 , Tomohiro Akaba 2 , Yuri Shimizu 2 , Sayo Tsukamoto 2 , Akitoshi Sato 2 , Jun Tamaoki 3 Keyword: 遷延性咳嗽 , 慢性咳嗽 , 咳喘息 , 吸入ステロイド薬 , ロイコトリエン受容体拮抗薬 , 抗炎症治療薬   subacute cough , chronic cough , cough variant asthma , inhaled corticosteroids , leukotriene receptor antagonist , anti-inflammatory drugs pp.1942-1949
Published Date 2014/11/15
DOI https://doi.org/10.20837/3201412114
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 Chronic persistent cough is one of the most common and bothersome symptoms of respiratory diseases, thereby leading patients to seek medical attention. The Japanese Respiratory Society's guidelines state that about 70% of the subjects presenting with chronic persistent cough have allergic airway diseases including asthma, cough variant asthma(CVA)and atopic cough. We consecutively undertook a postal questionnaire survey 3 times in primary care physicians in Tokyo Metropolitan area. The questionnaire defined chronic persistent cough as cough lasting for more than 3 weeks, asking about the number of such patients, laboratory tests performed for the diagnosis, and prescriptions for the treatment of symptoms. The purpose of this study was to identify which drugs general practitioners are prescribing for chronic persistent cough.  Assessment of these surveys revealed that, the number of patients with chronic persistent cough was increased, but the number of doctors who felt difficulty in treating cough was reduced. In 2012 survey, with regard to the first choice of medicine for chronic persistent cough, 60% of the doctors used leukotriene receptor antagonist(LTRA), 58% used anti-tussive agents, 36% used inhaled corticosteroids(ICS)and 41% used ICS/long-actingβ2-agonist(LABA)combination. On the other hand, the most frequently prescribed medicine for CVA patients was LTRA, and the second most popular medicine were ICS and ICS/LABA combination.  Therefore, anti-inflammatory drugs such as ICS and LTRA were frequently prescribed and ICS/LABA was one of the most popular drugs for the treatment of chronic cough and CVA.


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