Energy Device and Soft Coagulation System in Thoracic Surgery Yoko Azuma 1 , Akira Iyoda 1 1Division of Chest Surgery, Department of Surgery, Toho University School of Medicine Keyword: ultrasonic scalpel , vessel sealing system , incorporating device , soft coagulation pp.759-762
Published Date 2018/9/30
DOI https://doi.org/10.15106/j_kyobu71_759
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While the recent emergence of energy-based surgical techniques and soft coagulation has made surgical procedures less invasive, the safety and proper use of such advances have yet to be investigated. Herein we review the experimental and clinical use of ultrasonically-activated coagulating shears, a vessel sealing system, incorporating ultrasonic and vessel sealing technology, and a soft coagulation system in thoracic surgery. All energy devices have been reported to be safe for use on pulmonary vessels, and use in combination with a ligature appears to be adequate. The thoracic duct has been reported to be sealed with sufficient pressure using energy devices, which are expected to prevent chylothorax formation. Bipolar scissors can be safely and efficiently applied for dissection of pulmonary vessels without damage to the vessel wall. Monopolar soft coagulation can be applied to shrink bullous changes and stop air leakage or bleeding within the lung.

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