The Japanese Journal of Thoracic Surgery Volume 71, Issue 10 (September 2018)

Anesthesia and Anesthesia-related Technology Makoto Komatsuzaki 1 , Shinsuke Hamaguchi 1 1Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, Dokkyo Medical University School of Medicine Keyword: anesthesia , anaesthetic workstation , endotracheal tube pp.725-728
Published Date 2018/9/30
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Although there is no remarkable change of anesthetics or anesthesia methods in recent years, several new technologies are used for safety management of cardiac, lung or thoracic surgery. Stroke volume variation (SVV) monitoring indicates SVV, a parameter to optimize fluid infusion and is used to avoid edema or congestive heart damage due to over hydration. SmartPilot View, a pharmacokinetic simulator during anesthesia, represents the measured effective site concentration of anesthetics and contributes the optimization of induction and maintenance of anesthesia.

Pressure controlled ventilation-volume guarantee (PCV-VG) is a ventilation mode that can secure preset tidal volume even under PCV to avoid hypoxemia and hypercapnia, even when unexpected airway pressure raised. AutoFlow system supplies tidal volume at the lowest airway pressure and has the function of maintaining tidal volume while keeping low airway pressure according to the change of pulmonary compliance.

In 2017, we modified the position of cuff air delivery lumen while maintaining the strength and elasticity of double-lumen tube (DLT) made by a company to avoid deflation failure of bronchial cuff by our team.

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