Difficulties Felt by Midwifery Students Who Experienced A Birth-review Sonoko AZUMA 1 , Reiko HIRATA 2 , Masuko SAITO 3 1Faculty of Nursing, Toho University 2Faculty of Health Science, Nihon institure of Medical Science 3Faculty of Medical Sciences, Teikyo University of Science Keyword: バースレビュー , 困難 , 助産実習 , 助産学生 , Birth-review , difficulty , education , midwifery practicum , midwifery student pp.31-39
Published Date 2017/2/1
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The purpose of this study was to specify difficulties felt by midwifery students through their birth-review experiences at the midwifery practicum and, then, to investigate how the midwifery education should be.

Materials and Methods

A qualitative descriptive research method was employed for this study, in which five novice midwives who just graduated from the midwifery course of University A were involved as subject. For the survey a semi-structured group interview was conducted. At the interview, the subjects were asked questions about the birth-review experienced during the midwifery practicum at the university. The interview was electrically recorded and a verbatim report was prepared from the recorded data. Then, difficulties in their birth-review experiences were extracted for qualitative analyses. This study was approved beforehand by the Ethics Committee of University T(Approval No.111).


From the difficulties felt by the midwifery students who experienced the birth-review at the midwifery practicum, 102 cords, 13 sub-categories and 5 categories were extracted. They felt [Confusion about the birth-review method] when they conducted the birth-review for the first time, and they also felt [Frustration at own insufficient coping ability] when they faced difficult situations. They considered their own confusion about unexpected reactions from puerperants and their own feelings at such occasion as [Discomposure due to puerperant's reaction]. Furthermore, they felt [Difficulty in accepting puerperants' birth experience] that includes fear to directly face puerperant's anxiety and/or negative memory and get straight to what a puerperant does not want anyone to talk about in relation to her childbirth experience. By [Confronting themselves], they reflected on themselves perceiving ambiguity of own memory at the time of puerperant's childbirth.


This study clarified the difficulties felt by the midwifery students who experienced the birth-review at the midwifery practicum. For better birth-reviewing, it was suggested necessary to take such difficulties into consideration when we discuss and evaluate the educational support given to the students before and after the midwifery practicum.

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