Journal of Japan Society of Nursing and Health Care Volume 19, Issue 1 (June 2017)

Process Perceived by Nurses who Continue Working under Stress in One Long-term Care Health Facility Ikuko UOZUMI 1 1Depertment of Nursing, Gifu University Shool of Medicine Keyword: 老人保健施設 , 看護師 , ストレス , 就労継続 , continue working , stress , nurse , long-term care health facilities pp.1-12
Published Date 2017/6/30
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Purpose: Identify and describe the processes that nurses at long-term care health facilities use in order to keep working under stressful conditions.

Method: The results of semi-structured interviews with ten nurses employed at Long-term Care Health Facility A were interpreted and analyzed using M-GTA.

Results: Twenty-seven concepts were identified in twelve different categories: working under conflict stress, difficulties in personal relationships, sense of futility, escape and avoidance, criticism of long-term care providers, self-discernment, lessons in geriatric nursing, deepening respect for individual seniors, building care team skills, developing team members, care that respects the individual patient, and sense of accomplishment.

Conclusions: The study successfully identified and described work continuation processes among nurses at long-term care health facilities. The central process nurses used to keep working was finding meaning by focusing on the strengths of the elderly while finding respect for patient individuality during the course of administering care and noticing one's own personal growth.

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