Journal of Japan Academy of Nursing Science Volume 29, Issue 4 (December 2009)

Study on the Current Condition of Nurses’Stress and the Possibility of Support from Clinical Psychologists Keiko Fujimoto 1 1Osaka University, Graduate School of Medicine, Doctoral Program School of Allied Health Sciences Keyword: 看護師 , ストレス , 臨床心理士 , nurse , stress , clinical psychologist pp.60-68
Published Date 2009/12/21
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 Objectives: The objective of the present study was to elucidate the current condition of nurses' stress and to examine the support that nurses require from clinical psychologists.

 Methods: A survey was conducted on nurses using a questionnaire that combined original question items and the following existing scales: Stamps et al's “nurse job satisfaction scale” Kikuchi and Harada's “nurse autonomy measurement scale,” and Shimazu et al's “workplace stressor-stress reaction scale.”

 Results: The results showed an association between excessive stress and “hypersensitivity.”

 Regarding support required from clinical psychologists, the most frequent responses were “psychological support for the patient” (62.4%), “consultation between the nurse and the patients” (14.6%), and “psychological support for medical workers” (13.2%).

 Conclusion: In future, it will be necessary to conduct stress-screening investigations for nurses, and provide stress management training in order to continue to provide patients with high quality care assisted by clinical psychologists.

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