Present Conditions and Issues among Residents in Temporary Housing Who Suffered from the Noto Peninsula Earthquake during the Disaster Cycle Miyuki Matsubara 1 , Junko Okada 1 , Ayako Sakoda 1 Keyword: オーラルヘルス , 災害 , 仮設住宅居住者 , 口腔状態 , 健康状態 , oral Health , disaster , residents in temporary housing , oral condition , health condition pp.47-57
Published Date 2010/5/31
DOI https://doi.org/10.11477/mf.7008200173
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 The purpose of this study was to investigate the oral health condition and related issues among residents in temporary housing as a result of the Noto Peninsula earthquake, during the disaster cycle. Subjects comprised 80 people living in temporary housing four months after the disaster. Structured interviews were conducted regarding their oral condition, oral care, health condition and diet prior to the disaster and in the early(1 month)and mid(4 months) post-disaster periods. Results showed that their health condition, diet and oral care temporarily worsened in the early period, but had recovered significantly by the mid post-disaster period. However, no improvement was observed in oral condition. Oral condition deteriorated to a level usually seen in old age, and this continued into the mid post-disaster period. With regard to other aspects related to oral condition, there were significant increases in pain, decreased swallowing function, general oral deterioration, gingivitis, difficulties with dentures and dental caries in the early post-disaster period. Except for pain, these problems continued into the mid post-disaster period. All aspects of health condition deteriorated significantly in the early postdisaster period, with only poor physical condition and lack of sleep recovering significantly by the mid post-disaster period. Oral and health conditions deteriorated after the disaster to levels equivalent to and worse than of those who had inferior conditions before the disaster. This deterioration was related to the means of obtaining food. These findings suggest the necessity of providing appropriate oral health care in accordance with the disaster cycle.

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