Mothers' Experiences of Raising Their Children After Having Lost a Spouse to Cancer Satomi Yokoyama 1 1Tenshi College, School of Nursing and Nutrition Department of Nursing Keyword: 死別 , 体験 , グリーフ , 子育て中の母親 , bereavement , experience , grief , child-rearing mothers pp.82-91
Published Date 2017/12/31
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 This study aims to clarify the experience of mothers who raise their children alone after having lost their spouse to cancer. Data was collected through semi-structured interviews conducted with four research participants, after which were subjected to analysis based on a qualitative descriptive methodology. The results were divided into six categories. The experiences of mothers whose partners had passed away were categorized as follows: “A sense of isolation as a result of raising the children alone”; “Not wanting to express grief in front of the children”; “Perplexity about how to interact with the children”; “Being helped by the presence of the children”; “Being supported by people around them”; and “Living positively with the children along with the memories of their husband”. Mothers experiencing a sense of isolation at having to raise children alone also felt confused about how to interact with their bereaved children. Feeling that “as long as the children are here, I have to continue on as normal,” the mothers felt unable to express their own sorrow and were similarly unable to discuss the father's death with their children. Conversely, they felt the presence of the children helped them, and the fact that they were making positive attempts to cope was also presented as a notable characteristic. In the course of this experience, it became apparent that these mothers felt buoyed by the assistance provided by those around them. In addition, when children were not clearly informed of their father's condition, it influenced the grief reaction after bereavement. It is therefore required that nurses take care of them so that children can be with their fathers at the end and understand the need for bereavement. This suggests the necessity of support to help mothers and children overcome both the grief of children losing their father and a child-rearing mother losing a husband to cancer.

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