Journal of Japanese Society of Cancer Nursing Volume 30, Issue 1 (May 2016)

Emotional Experiences of Patients with Advanced Lung Cancer Suffering from Cancer Pain Masako Yamanaka 1 , Kumi Suzuki 2 , Reiko Sato 3 1Faculty of Nursing, Senri Kinran University 2Faculty of Nursing, Osaka Medical College 3Department Nursing, Faculty of Health Care, Kansai University of International Studies Keyword: がん疼痛 , 進行肺がん患者 , 情動体験 , cancer pain , patients with advanced lung cancer , emotional experience pp.23-33
Published Date 2016/5/25
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 This study aimed to clarify emotional experiences of patients with advanced lung cancer suffering from cancer pain (N=12). We conducted participant observation and semi-structured interviews. Furthermore, we analyzed results using the Qualitative Synthesis Method (KJ Method). Emotional experiences of participants were integrated into six categories:a feeling of recovery of body and mind due to self-regulation of pessimistic thoughts and surrounding support;a sense of security and release from cancer brought by pain relief;accepting self-help efforts stemming from anxiety over opioid analgesics as an ultimate solution when pain increases;commitment to medical treatment to maintain current condition even though the cancer cannot be completely cured;commitment to medical treatment as a cornerstone for improved mind, religion, and a new way of life;and moderate fear of death based on the predictive response that assumes the progress of cancer leading to death. We found that emotional experiences of patients suffering from cancer pain relate to the struggle to live in society as autonomous existence inspired by their wills to recover, and their experiences will turn into preparation for their predicted death. We consider that it is necessary for nurses to enhance these patients' expectations of physical and mental recovery, encourage their desire to recover, and support each of them in living in society as autonomous existence.

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30巻1号 (2016年5月)
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