Independent Grappling with Pain Management of Cancer Patients Reiko Hiraoka 1 , Reiko Sato 1 1Faculty of Nursing, Hyogo University of Health Sciences Keyword: がん患者 , がん性疼痛 , ペインマネジメント , 主体的取り組み , cancer patients , cancer pain , pain management , independent grappling pp.23-33
Published Date 2012/12/25
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 The aim of this study was to clarify attitudes of cancer patients toward pain management, and examine nursing support that may promote patients' subjective approaches. We performed a qualitative and inductive analysis of data collected through interviews and participant observation of 7 patients experiencing cancer pain. Patients faced difficulties such as "problems caused by pain", "problems with sedative use", and "problems with pain management support". Some problems were solved by the patients' approaches, which revealed the following: cancer patients experiencing pain conducted self.directed approaches based on their own will through examining the causes of pain, the effects of pain treatment and management support, and these approaches require understanding of their pain and knowledge of treatment, as well as the presence of health care workers to support and ensure their approaches. The results indicate the need to provide pain management.related information, educational support to enhance patients' understanding of pain, and communication and continuous support which can motivate their self.directed behavior.

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