Concept Analysis of Adherence for Complex Decongestive Therapy in Patients with Lymphedema Caused by Cancer Treatment Tomoko Izawa 1 , Harue Arao 2 1Doctoral course, Osaka University graduate school of medicine 2Osaka University graduate school of medicine Keyword: アドヒアランス , リンパ浮腫 , 概念分析 , 複合的治療 , adherence , lymphedema , concept analysis , complex decongestive therapy pp.169-175
Published Date 2018/12/31
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Objective: The purpose of this concept analysis was to define patients' adherence for complex decongestive therapy in relation to lymphedema caused by cancer treatment.

Method: With using the framework outlined by Walker and Avant, articles were searched by the databases of internet engines related to 4fields and 50 articles were analyzed.

Result: The defining attributes consisted of “Mental stability,” “understanding the lymphedema and complex decongestive therapy” “spontaneity”, “devise the management skills” “practice and assess the complex decongestive therapy” and “self-efficacy to manage by themselves”, “educational approach from medical professionals” and “Partnerships with medical professionals” were also extracted. Recognized antecedents were “suffering symptoms” associated with lymphedema and, “long-term management”. In addition, factors such as the “forced to self-management of complex decongestive therapy” was extracted. The consequences were improvement of lymphedema and the patient's quality of life.

Conclusion: According to the concept analysis in this study, adherence for complex decongestive therapy in patients with lymphedema caused by cancer treatment was defined “As managing the symptom by using customized skills spontaneously based on understanding the lymphedema and the treatment with mental stability, patient carry out the treatment with self-efficacy. It is established by education and partnership with medical professionals.”

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