The Development of a Nursing Intervention Program for Lymphedema Management Involving Patients after Breast Surger Tomoko Izawa 1 1Hyogo Medical Center for Adult Keyword: リンパ浮腫 , 複合的理学療法 , 症状マネジメントモデル , 乳がん , lymphedema , completed decongestive therapy(CDT) , integrated approach to symptom management(IASM) , breast cancer pp.22-31
Published Date 2006/9/20
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 A novel Nursing Lymph-Drainage Program (NLDP) based on the Complete Decongestive Therapy(CDT) was developed using the concept of Integrated Approach to Symptom Management(IASM). According to this program, five patients with breast cancer suffering from lymphedema were provided education, skills, and nursing support regarding lymphedema management. After a trial of three weeks, the volume of the affected upper extremity and the QOL/ADL score of all patients were improved. In addition, the patients'self-management abilities regarding lymphedema were also enhanced, indicating that IASM was effective for them. This result indicates that the NLDP is a powerful way for patients to enhance their self-management abilities and reduce the suffering from lymphedema.

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