Journal of Japan Academy of Nursing Science Volume 27, Issue 4 (December 2007)

Factors Related to Change in Care Requirement in the Elderly over a Three Year Period Ryoji Shinohara 1 , Yuka Sugisawa 1 , Tokie Anme 1 1International Community Care and Life-Span Development, Graduate School of Comprehensive Human Science, University of Tsukuba Keyword: 要介護状態 , 社会心理的要因 , 評価 , 追跡調査 , care requirement , socio-psychological factors , evaluation , longitudinal study pp.14-22
Published Date 2007/12/20
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 Objectives: This study was designed to examine longitudinally the relationship between social interaction, health habits and care requirements in the elderly in a three year period.

 Methods: The participants were all 65 years or older who lived in a farming community near major urban centers in Japan. The 657 participants answered the questionnaire in 2002 and 2005. The analysis was based on the 601 participants who completed the data in both years. The contents of the questionnaire were social interaction (using the “Index of Social Interaction”), health habits, physical function, health status, age and gender.

 Results: 1) For social interaction and health habits, “Having an active role,” “Having a hobby,” “Life style motivation,” “Active approach,” “Feeling of importance,” “A well-balanced diet,” and “Physical exercise” were significantly related to physical deterioration. 2) Multiple logistic regression analysis adjusted for baseline age, gender, physical function, and health status indicated that “Having an active role” and “Feeling of importance” were related to reduced physical deterioration.

 Conclusion: These findings show that the promotion of relationships within society for the elderly leads to the maintenance and improvement in the functioning of the mind and body. It is hoped that this research will be used for care prevention management in the future.

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