Japan Academy of Diabetes Education and Nursing Volume 19, Issue 2 (September 2015)

Self-care Learning in Type II Diabetes Patients Aged 65 Years or Older at the Time of Diagnosis Eri Koshino 1 , Michiko Inagaki 2 , Keiko Tasaki 2 1Kanazawa University Hospital 2Faculty of Health Sciences, Institute of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences, Kanazawa University Keyword: 2型糖尿病 , 高齢者 , 診断 , セルフケア行動 , 食事 , type II diabetes , patients in later life , diagnosis , self-care , diet pp.111-120
Published Date 2015/9/15
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 This study was carried out to clarify the experience of self-care learning in diabetes patients diagnosed in later life. We applied an ethnographic approach targeting 14 type II diabetes outpatients diagnosed at the age of 65 or over.

 As a result, patient experiences were categorized according to characteristics into 4 themes and 10sub-themes. The four themes were as follows :

 1. Patients confused about the diagnosis before beginning to realize the reality of being a diabetes patient :

 2. Patients maintaining a cautious distance from both healthcare providers and the realization of being a diabetes patient ;

 3. Patients coming to grips with the importance of diet as a fundamental aspect of diabetes treatment and its interference with the later life that they had visualized ; and

 4. Patients continuing to hope for healthy aging even after being diagnosed with diabetes.

 The above-mentioned results suggested the need to provide care for diabetes patients diagnosed in later life considering the fear of both diabetes and aging.

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