Japan Academy of Diabetes Education and Nursing Volume 14, Issue 2 (September 2010)

Thoughts of type II diabetes patients with no severe complications about their families Tomomi Horiguchi 1 , Michiko Inagaki 2 , Keiko Tasaki 2 1Kanazawa University Hospital 2Faculty of Health Sciences, Institute of Medical, Pharmaceutical and Health Sciences, Kanazawa University Keyword: 糖尿病 , 家族 , サポート , 合併症 , 現象学 , diabetes , family , support , complications , phenomenology pp.130-137
Published Date 2010/9/30
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 We carried out factor analysis using a phenomenological approach for the purpose of clarifying the thoughts of type II diabetes patients with no severe complications about their families, describing and explaining such patients' experiences. As a result, the following was revealed.

 Type II diabetes patients with no severe complications thought about their families while not always being aware of the fact. Having an opportunity to stop and become aware of their feelings about their families, they came to realize how much their families cared about them before they became diabetic. The feeling brought on by this realization moved them and caused them hope that their disease would not change their families' feelings.

 The patients who hoped to have such families considered their own feelings about the families and imagined the feelings of their families. Although they may not be able do anything about the feelings, they hoped to act in concert with their families, maintain good distance, show their desire to make positive changes for themselves and their families, do what they could do for their families, and avoid showing insecurity. They hoped to live good lives with their families.

 These results suggest that it is essential for nurses to actively create opportunities for type II diabetes patients to consider their feelings and the feelings of their families while they are as yet free of complications as a chance for patients to accept their families as a source of support.

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