Japan Academy of Diabetes Education and Nursing Volume 14, Issue 1 (March 2010)

The nursing intervention which produces their bodies' comfort: The patients' reaction on self-care support via having massage for the patient with diabetes mellitus Yuko Ohara (Nakano) 1 , Yasuko Shimizu 2 , Harue Masaki 3 1All Japan Federation of Social Insurance Associations Nurse Training Center 2Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine 3Chiba University Graduate School of Nursing Keyword: 糖尿病 , 身体 , セルフケア , 手部・足部マッサージ , 心地よさ , diabetes mellitus , body awareness , self-care , hand and foot massage , comfort pp.11-21
Published Date 2010/3/26
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 The purpose of this study is to clarify how the patients' perception and emotion to their living surrounding themselves from the viewpoint of self-care and body are expressed and to consider the significance of this intervention by giving the nursing intervention which produces their bodies' comfort for the patients with diabetes mellitus.  The subjects are 6 adult out-patients who are thought to avoid their self-care. We collected and analyzed qualitatively the data of their reactions with our interventions.  As a result, the data was integrated into following six reactions.;【their family' s supporting their bodies and their diseases, and their endeavor to cope with the recommended regimen for themselves】【disconsolation caused by their diseases】【a sense of comfortable distance between the patients and researcher brought about by the place where she gives massage】【inquiring their bodies all over】【thinking back to their living they hadn't taken good care of their bodies】【healing their mind and their bodies in the place where she gives massage, furthermore being brought out their power of healing themselves】  We supposed that the patients poured out them as they are, besides they searched and thought back to their bodies, and moreover they were brought out power of healing themselves. The result suggested that it is formed a part of self-care support as aid that the patient is more responsive to their own bodies.

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