The effectiveness of group programs for community-dwelling middle-aged and elderly using the Activity Diary: A pilot study Masayuki Takagi 1,2 , Naruko Goami , Peter Bontje 3 1Department of Occupational Therapy, Faculty of Health and Welfare, Prefectural University of Hiroshima 2Doctoral Course, Department of Occupational Therapy, Graduate School of Human Health Science, Tokyo Metropolitan University 3Department of Occupational Therapy, Graduate School of Human Health Science, Tokyo Metropolitan University Keyword: 地域在住高齢者 , 活動日記 , 作業の満足度 , 生きがい , 生活満足度 , Community-dwelling elderly , Activity Diary , Satisfaction with occupation , Ikigai , Life satisfaction pp.153-161
Published Date 2020/4/15
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 This study aims to pilot a group program for community-dwelling middle-aged and elderly people using the Activity Diary to examine the effectiveness of the program and to receive program evaluations from participants. The participants of the program were community-dwelling people ranging from 60 to 75 years old. The participants attended weekly 90-minute sessions and completed the Activity Diary daily during the 4-week program. Satisfaction with their occupations, feeling of Ikigai, and life satisfaction were measured at the start and end of the program. 29 participants attended the program, and participation rate was 99.1%. All participants expressed satisfaction with the program at the last session. There were statistically significant improvements of the score of satisfaction with occupations (the Activity and Daily Life Satisfaction Scale:ADLSS), feeling of Ikigai (the K-I Scale for the Feeling that Life is Worth Living among the Aged: K-I Scale), and life satisfaction (the Life Satisfaction Index-Z:LSIZ). Effect sizes (r) were for the ADLSS 0.50, for the K-I 0.41, and for the LSI-Z 0.50. These results indicate the program meets the needs of community-dwelling middle-aged and elderly, and that the program can enhance satisfaction of occupation, Ikigai, and life for community-dwelling middle-aged and elderly.

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