Investigation of the sense of self-determination in occupational therapy students: Using personal attitude construct analysis Yuki Yoshimura 1 1Division of Occupational Therapy, Department of Rehabilitation, Faculty of Health Science, Kumamoto Health Science University Keyword: 主体性 , 動機づけ , 作業療法学生 , 作業療法教育 , 質的研究 , Self-direction , Motivation , Occupational therapy students , Occupational therapy education , Qualitative research pp.47-59
Published Date 2020/2/15
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 This study aimed to clarify the significance of self-determination awareness for individual students of occupational therapy. First, the author asked 181 college students enrolled in occupational-therapy training courses to provide their levels of self-determination awareness. Then, of the 66 students who provided responses and completed the personal survey, 6 students—3 students each from the high- and low-level awareness groups-were selected, and an analysis of their personal attitude construct on self-determination awareness was conducted. The results demonstrate that students with high levels of self-determination awareness are the internal control type and have autonomous motivations, whereas students with low levels of self-determination awareness are the external control type and have external motivations, indicating that the psychological structures differ between the 2 types of students. These findings suggest that self-determination awareness is critical for the transition from external motivation to autonomous motivation.

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