An occupational therapy for a patient who showed discrepant USN behaviors according to tasks and conditions Shinobu Mitsui 1 , Yoko Kiyofuji 2 , Rumi Tanemura 1 , Jun Tanemura 3 , Tsuneo Hasegawa 1 1Izu Nirayama Rehabilitation Hospital 2Okatsu Hospital 3Division of SpeechLanguage Pathology and Audiology Department of Sensory Science, Faculty of Medical Profession Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare Keyword: 左半側空間無視 , ADL , 作業療法 , left unilateral spatial neglect , ADL , occupational therapy pp.105-113
Published Date 1997/4/15
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 This article examines a patient with left unilateral spatial neglect after occlusion of right posterior cerebal artery.

 Characteristic of her neglect behavior : She showed discrepant results of the following neglect tests : copying of geometrical figure and picture, line bisection, line extension, line cancellation. She also showed discrepant neglect behaviors according to occasional conditions. These varied results were thought to be an interaction between two-fold mechanisms. She was good at applying visual representations and mental maps, but she showed conspicuous visual extinction. It was thought that she reorganizes the degraded visual sensory inputs by the spared visual representations.

 Treatment: Adjustment to strange environment by activating a representational map, and direct perceptual practices of double visual stimulation were applyed to her for 6 months.

 Outcomes: Her neglect behaviors were not found in ADL and activities parallel to daily living.

 Discussion: Perceptual level neglect was thought to be overcome by top down strategy of applying visual representation.

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