Japanese Occupational Therapy Research Volume 36, Issue 1 (February 2017)

Early intervention using the management tool for daily life performance in the return home support of a geriatric health services facility Eisuke Inomata 1 , Kou Miura 2 , Toshiyuki Ishii 3 , Junko Miyauchi 4 , Motoko Watanabe 5 , Koji Kobayashi 6 1Department of Rehabilitation, Faculty of Medical and Health Science, Shonan University of Medical Sciences 2Geriatric Health Services Facility Sendannooka 3Geriatric Health Services Facility Himoroginosono 4Geriatric Health Services Facility Pearento 5Geriatric Health Services Facility Yuuyuu 6Department of Occupational Therapy, Faculty of Health Sciences, Mejiro University Keyword: 介護老人保健施設 , 生活行為向上マネジメント , (要介護高齢者) , (在宅復帰支援) , Geriatric health services facility , The management tool for daily life performance , Certified long-term care elderly people , Return home support pp.97-104
Published Date 2017/2/15
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 This study examined the effectiveness of the early intervention of return home support using the management tool for daily life performance (MTDLP) for people entering geriatric health services facilities. As part of this study, 15 of 21 subjects left the facility to return to their homes. Ability of ADL such as transferring oneself, walking, climbing stairs, dressing and toileting were improved, along with the self-evaluation of degree of practice and satisfaction of the subjects in their agreement goals. When intervention goals using ICF were analyzed, the following ratios emerged: body functions and body structures 9%, activities and participation 70%, and environmental factors 21%. The goal setting by MTDLP focuses on activities and participation of the client and indicates that it is useful for return home support in geriatric health service facilities.

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36巻1号 (2017年2月)
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